Janette M. Ahrndt
Chief Therapist
Masters in Physical Therapy
Mayo School of Health Sciences, Rochester, MN

Office Location
9419 Coppertop Loop NE
New Motion Physical Therapy
Bainbridge Island, WA

Tel: 206.300.9062

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Benefits To You

Source Balancing can assist in a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions. It can support your current medical treatment program or simply give your body a tune up. The education you'll receive about your physical systems will give you tools to stay in top form for your entire life. You'll learn essential exercises and conditioning practices that will help you prevent injury and slow the natural trends of aging.

Learn how you can increase your energy through physical movement and constructive thoughts.

Engage in workouts and activities that are more effective and efficient than traditional fitness regimens.

Increase your awareness of the mind-body connection.

Develop an expanded responsiveness to positive and negative stresses instead of shutting down and simply reacting.

Learn to love your body.

Enjoy the simplicity of a program that is easily integrated throughout your body and lifestyle.

Learn to move in ways that support your spine and joints.

Develop the confidence to move safely in work and play, as your body was designed.

Enjoy an improved ability to prevent disease and delay the effects of aging and immobility.

Feel and look taller through improved posture, balance and mobility.

Feel energized, feel younger.

Increase your body strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Be in charge of your health.

Live a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce pain and stress.

Develop an alert and active mind.

Learn new tools to apply to sports, work and recreation.

Enjoy a great value with your investment in new skills and improved health.

More client comments

I’m still loving the movement work you did with me. And I’m going to check in with the practitioners in my home state to get more. Thanks for the gentle introduction!!!! - PL

I’m thankful for the accident and the opportunity to live true to myself. - JP

I think of you so often and am so very grateful for what you did for my sister. You helped fill her with hope and gave us an extra 3 years with her. You are such an amazing lady- I really am in awe. -BS

I’m learning more than I’ve known before and will be of greater service to others. I’m more calm and clear than I have been. -RE

I am excited about the ‘new’ moves you gave me. So much of my activities have been locked in a bad pattern. “exercise to pain, exercise beyond pain, you will have pain, pain is bad” It’s all been so confusing. Now I am different I will be doing my best! I will be stronger. And maybe I will have pain- but I will not be confused and afraid. Thank you for listening to all my negative thoughts. Now they are out and gone! -NM



I feel I’ve gotten my life back. - ML

Thank you for giving me hope. You have helped me heal in so many ways.--JP

Janette’s physical therapy treatments are the most relaxing and healing I’ve experienced. - RP

I appreciate how Janette cares not only for my physical symptoms but for my whole being. She looks beyond the surface pain. -TS

One session was all it took to cure a chronic shoulder injury that had bothered me for 11 years! -TW

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